This is a gentle process through which your large intestine (colon) is cleansed by slowly filling it with warm purified water. As the colon muscles begin to fill and expand, a peristaltic response occurs, which initiates the body's natural response to eliminate or "release". This expanding and contracting of the colon muscles assists in loosening fecal matter which has been accumulating over time, thereby ridding your body of potentially dangerous toxins. The average session takes about 55 minutes, including a 5 minute drain and relaxation period.

  RoseMary has been a massage therapist for over 20 years, trained personally by renowned physiotherapist, Harold J. Reilly, of the Cayce Reilly Institute of Massotherapy. RoseMary is a passionate and committed practitioner of nutrition and energy healing modalities. She has been a practicing colon hydrotherapist for over 10 years and is trained to operate both open and closed systems. RoseMary been has a leader in bringing Colon Hydrotherapy to New Jersey and influencing some the state's

current practitioners. She still follows the advice of her beloved mentor Dr. Reilly, "Keep the beacon lit and they will find you."

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